Stand Up for Comedy Spotlight — Meet Janet Cormier

We’ve asked each comedian on our Stand up for Comedy lineup to answer a few questions about herself, feminism and the power of humor. Here’s our conversation with Janet Cormier.

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Janet croppedBoston NOW: What was the first joke that you ever told?

Janet Cormier: I had a flashback a few years ago.  I remember when I was a kid ( under the age of 6)…my dad had me telling a Moms Mabley joke to his friends.  “Moms” Jackie Mabley  was a brilliant comic.  She worked blue (very adult humor) and did a lot of political humor. I asked my father if he thought it was a bit off having his young daughter telling the joke. He said he didn’t remember that, but then asked me to tell the joke.  He then replied …”that is still a good joke.”

Boston NOW: Who is your favorite female comedian?

Janet Cormier: Moms Jackie Mabley, Whoopi and Wanda Sykes

Boston NOW: Boston NOW considers feminism to be the fight to end all forms of oppression. How do you think humor can be used to advance the aims of feminism?

Janet Cormier: Seems like I have been a social justice advocate all my life.  Not sure how that happened…I was the one supporting the folks and causes others preferred to ignore.  My brother-in-law gave us books written by African American historian, J.A Rogers. I read them from cover to cover over and over…The books inspired me to question, to learn, to not accept ‘neat, comfortable’ answers.

As an artist,comedian, writer, painter) I explore a variety of topics:  family, shopping, people, etc.  but I always go back to my commitment to social justice and equality.  Comedy is a great to pursue such issues as race, gender, wealth/poverty, body image/sizism, and the world of what I call “Grumpy Ole White Men.”

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