Stand Up for Comedy Spotlight – Meet Anya Volz!

We’ve asked each comedian on our lineup to answer a few questions about herself, feminism and the power of humor. Here’s our conversation with Anya Volz.

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AnyaBoston NOW: What was the first joke that you ever told?

Anya Volz: The first joke I ever wrote I was 3 years old and I was complaining to my dad about how every knock knock joke someone must have thought of at some point, but I must not be funny because I can’t think of one! Then the crowd went wild when I proudly announced I HAD, indeed, thought of one:

Knock Knock
(Who’s there?)
(Banana who?)
You know… Banana

That was then when my parents knew there was a star in their midst.

Boston NOW: Who is your favorite female comedian?

Anya Volz: My favorite comedian is Sarah Silverman. That woman is a living legend and she’s the reason I ever became the comedy nerd I am today. I was lucky enough to see her in Boston at the beginning of the summer and it was such an honor and an inspiration to see her at work. Her special Jesus Is Magic was the first standup I had ever seen a woman perform and it’s still one of my favorites to this day.

Boston NOW: Boston NOW considers feminism to be the fight to end all forms of oppression. How do you think humor can be used to advance the aims of feminism?

Anya Volz: Humor is an incredible tool and weapon, which I think we all have an incredible responsibility when wielding. Laughter is a huge unifier. You can really change someone’s entire perspective if you can get them to laugh. I think every comedian has a responsibility to use the time they have on stage in front of audiences as a means to amplify marginalized voices and to call out societal B.S. that needs calling out. But also: poop jokes.

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