Stand Up for Comedy Spotlight – Meet Erin Spencer!

We’ve asked each comedian on our Stand up for Comedy lineup to answer a few questions about herself, feminism and the power of humor. Here’s our conversation with Erin Spencer.

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erinBoston NOW: What was the first joke that you ever told?

Erin Spencer: I don’t quite remember my first joke but I’m pretty sure it was terrible. The first time I got on stage I actually planned to bomb. It was at a local bar on a night where no one was getting any laughs. So when I got up and also received no laughs it was fine, becuase that meant I was just as good as everyone else.


Boston NOW: Who is your favorite female comedian?

Erin Spencer: There as so many good female comedians out there but the first 3 that jump to my mind are Sarah Millican, Ellen DeGeneres, and Amy Schumer. I love their stand-up material.

Boston NOW: Boston NOW considers feminism to be the fight to end all forms of oppression. How do you think humor can be used to advance the aims of feminism?

Erin Spencer: I think humor and comedy can be some of the best ways to bring people together. If two people with completely different opinions can both laugh at the same joke, I think that helps.

With my comedy in particular I talk a lot about my experiences being transgender. If I can get someone uncomfortable with transgender people laughing with me then I feel like I have accomplished something. Sure they’re probably not going to immediately become a champion for transgender rights, but I think when we laugh together we also get a little closer to understanding each other. I think that’s progress.


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