Stand Up for Comedy Spotlight –Meet Jennifer Myszkowski!

We’ve asked each comedian on our Stand up for Comedy lineup to answer a few questions about herself, feminism and the power of humor. Here’s our conversation with Jennifer Myszkowski.

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Jennifer Boston NOW: What was the first joke that you ever told?

Jennifer Myskowski: I don’t remember my first jokes on stage. My first set was in 2000 while I was in the middle of what I affectionately call my Almost-Nervous Breakdown of 1999-2000. I remember that a lot of my jokes were about my recent and now defunct weight loss (incidentally, part of the cause of said breakdown). That’s about all I can tell you.

Boston NOW: Who is your favorite female comedian?

Jennifer Myszkowski: I LOVE Paula Poundstone. I’ve seen her live close to a dozen times and every time is a revelation. Her control of the crowd is incredible. They sit right in the palm of her hand. Before I did comedy, I was entertained by her; when I started doing it myself, I began to stand in awe. I also love Erin Jackson, Nikki Carr, Kelly MacFarland, Cameron Esposito, Tig Notaro, Kelsie Huff, Jenny Zigrino, Erin Judge, Maria Bamford, and a host of others. I could go on all day.

Boston NOW: Boston NOW considers feminism to be the fight to end all forms of oppression. How do you think humor can be used to advance the aims of feminism?

Jennifer Myszkowski: Mocking the patriarchy is a great way to dismantle it.



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