Boston NOW is an all-volunteer organization. We depend on the support of our members and help from people like you to achieve our goal of building feminist community in the Boston area and increasing awareness of feminism and feminist issues.

Become a Member of Boston NOW

Boston NOW members make our work possible. Members receive alerts and news from the National Chapter of the National Organization of Women as well as from the Boston Chapter. Boston NOW members have exclusive voting opportunities that help shape the mission of the chapter.

*To become a member of our chapter, you must choose Boston Chapter (MA0075) from the Massachusetts drop-down menu. 


Click here to Become a member

Click here to Become a member





If you would like to contribute to Boston NOW but cannot dedicate time on a weekly basis, you can sign up to be an as-needed volunteer. We will alert you when we have opportunities for volunteers to help with events and actions.

To receive notifications of opportunities to volunteer for future Boston NOW events and actions, click here.

If you have a specific project that you would like to do with the support of Boston NOW, or in collaboration with Boston NOW, please email Melanie O’Malley at: Please include ‘Boston NOW’ in your subject line.

Join the Executive Board 

Boston NOW’s Executive Board members set the larger goals and vision of the organization, with input and feedback from Boston NOW’s members, and do the work of enacting Boston NOW’s goals. You must become a member of Boston NOW to join the Executive Board.

If you would like to learn more about the Executive Board, please email Melanie O’Malley at: Please include ‘Boston NOW’ in your subject line.


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